Creating a project in OmegaT

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See how a project is created in OmegaT. Use headphones or adjust your speakers to here the explanations, before you click on |> Start.

The videos on how to use OmegaT are:

  1. Creating a project in OmegaT length 5:19
  2. Translating with OmegaT length 5:25
  3. Build your own glossary in OmegaT length 2:32
  4. Creating your own segmentation rules length 5:15

If you want to see all clips on one page go to this place. Some browsers allow to view videos in FLV format (if the script does not work). The direct link is:

Having gained some experience I felt that I can solve almost any kind of translation job, even for clients that ask for translations done using the leading software product the market leader Trados. The result was somehow frustrating, but I tried to explain my efforts on a page called Using OmegaT to translate in the format of Trados (TTX)